Can UEFI and Geli be fixed now?



there is an ongoing issue that you can’t do full-disk encryption when using UEFI. The linked bug is:

According to the history of the bug it is fixed as of February 24th. The newest install-images are from February 22nd. When can I expect to see install images that fix the problem?
I’d like to give TrueOS another try, since FreeBSD11-Stable was a PITA on my laptop. But FDE is a must for me (and my laptop won’t boot for whatever reason in legacy-mode not the image for the usb-stick).


Ok, found an older topic that said that this is somewhere in testing in FreeBSD. So more waiting :frowning:


I suspect when Kris gets back from the conference, we’ll see some kind of response.

Quite a few of us are awaiting for this as well



Yes, last I checked this is very high on the priority list, but travel/conferences are slowing us down a bit. Your continued patience is both appreciated and applauded!

Full disk encryption

Good to know. Doing a BSD-deep dive right now and the more I read the more I want it on my machines. And TrueOS seems to be the best choice so far next to OpenBSD which would cause other problems (hardware probably works better than with FreeBSD but no VirtualBox and no wine from what I’ve read would really hurt…)


Does it work now with the latest ISO? I cannot find the ongoing issue and there is no warning in the handbook in the installation manual. But I cannot find anything about it in the changelogs as well :confused:


Still not functioning at this moment.

Still waiting on the FreeBSD team(s) to approve and roll out the patch and/or update


Are we there yet (dad)?


i can tell you didn’t read the pinned messages :wink: