Can TrueOS run on HP 14-BS001TU laptops?


Hello All,

This is my first post on this forum.

I was wondering if anyone has ever installed TrueOS on a HP 14-BS001TU or anything akin to it?

A side question is that I am considering to have this kind of use case:
Booting it up from a usb stick and having my apps and data on an external hard disk.
The reason is that I don’t want to rely on the internal hard disk and i want it to be portable across many laptops of the same kind.
Is this possible?

Any link to any possible guide would really appreciate it thank you :slight_smile: .

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more than likely, but with out the specs, no way of knowing for sure.

you could always boot the install media to check.

when you see this screen

look at the bottom right. see the “wrench”? click on it and it will give you a good idea if your hardware works or not


Hi RodMyers,

Thanks for the link.
We’ll try it out once I get my hands on the hardware.



welcome/ It’s the quick and dirty method