Calendar question for Lumina 2.0


The one thing that (I think) is missing from the Lumina Calendar is Holidays. It would be nice to have maybe a different colour on the days that are Holidays, such as Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Father’s day, independence day,Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc… And maybe even a description of the Holiday when you hoover your mouse over that day.

Will something like this be included in Lumina 2.0?


That is interesting request, but not on the roadmap at all right now.
At the moment, the calendar that Lumina uses is just the stock QCalendarWidget from upstream Qt. Perhaps you could file a request with the upstream project? Otherwise it might be a little while before we can get around to writing our own custom calendar.


Opened an account their and filed a request… I doubt they will get around to it anytime soon (if at all), as I saw a lot of open requests… In any case it would be a nice thing to have, but not critical.


Typically calendars are used in different countries. Holidays are very national by nature and while it is interesting to know the holidays of a foreign country to understand why there is so low the traffic all of a sudden, you are most interested in the holidays relevant to yourself. So I don’t think the holidays of one nation hard coded into the calendar to be helpful. My preferred solution would be the capability to load an individual set of holidays into a calendar.


I agree with @RJules3, holidays are different from place to place, so I don’t think it makes sense to implement such a thing inside the widget itself.

If Lumina calendar can read ical feeds, there are many of them for holidays in different countries. It’s by far the most robust and open solution I’ve found, though it does require an Internet connection every once and a while. It also requires trust that the feed is correct, but that trust is fundamental to a holiday anyway.

Anyway, I’d say this is the better solution for this. It will for sure stop the eventual bug report that some holiday is missed. Or the request to show moon cycles or whatever.


I added a BUG REPORT more like a request with QT for the i18n locale


@Groot @beanpole135
I’m sorry guys, I’ve been on this subject before. But all this Lumina coding with its own file manager, media player, PDF-reader, calendar etc. feels a little like you’re trying to reinvent the wheel.
Why don’t you just take e.g. KDE stuff and adapt it to Lumina? KDE has a great file manager (Dolphin), PDF-reader (Okular), imagine viewer (Gwenview), calendar, media player (VLC - I know that’s not KDE) etc.

So I don’t understand why you put so much effort in reinventing the wheel, as it seems just because you can, when there are these great programs that you can “steal” (well, it’s no pirating since it’s open source)?
Instead you could put all energy into making TrueOS and Lumina to run as good as it possible can and port more open source programs to it.

I my self am using all those programs (not the calendar, don’t think that’s possible) inside TrueOS/Lumina that I think are way better than TrueOS’s/Lumina’s equivalents.

Sorry again, but I thought PC-BSD was better, although it was heavier for the system. But why not a combination with TrueOS/Lumina base and so to say the best of both worlds?

Last I want you to know that one of the main reasons I chose BSD over Linux, when I came over from the Windows-swamp, was because BSD felt more stable and genuine than the Linux mishmash.


Yes, you have.

And it has already been answered.

Just browse the forums, please.


This contradicts this.

You are free to “mismash” but when it comes down to it. Linux never thinks about BSD. As I remember it one of the main reason to build Lumina and reinvent the wheel is because Linux kept leaving us out. Every few months something would stop working because they could care less about the BSD’s and it’s derivatives. The devs probably got tired of jumping trough hoops to fix something every time the rug got pulled from under them.

Now we have things that are built and designed specifically for BSD which in the end will be much better than crossing our fingers and hoping that we are at least in the back of the mind of some of the Linux developers.

I’ve also heard plenty of Linux users are now starting to use these newly invented wheels. Such as Lumina, some even say they are far better than the wheels they used to have.


Of cause you’re right in what you say, I overlooked that.

I’ve nothing bad to say about TrueOS/Lumina, those are great products, but I don’t think the subprograms are as good as the OS and BE it self. That’s why I supplemented it with KDE products.

If I understand it right (correct me if I’m wrong) KDE is not a Linux-based product, but an independent thing. If I remember it correct I’ve read on this discourse that KDE5 has a version that is specially adapted for BSD, and in that case it could be a perfect supplement to put on top of the OS and BE as default.


“As default”

My opinion is default install should be to CLI or at most good old twm.
I don’t want a default install that is huge and bloated; that is what you get with any KDE/GNOME install. LXDE, XFCE are lighter weight but still more that I would desire for a default. Lumina is a reasonable alternative; right now the only dependencies are QT and FluxBox/OpenBox. Lumina 2.0 whenever it gets here should be only QT.

Everyone has an opinion on the “best” Desktop Environment, I think some people actually like Windows 8. Me, I don’t need or want an Environment, I want a Window Manager. I’ll take care of the rest.

KDE is not strictly Linux, but over time has pulled in more and more Linux “features” like dbus and other things. That makes the BSD ports difficult: do we pull in dbus et al or build without? Build without, what is lost?

Every “supported” DE is part of the testing matrix that if one has unlimited resources, sure, could be done. But what happens if you get someone that likes the KDE file manager, the Gnome webbrowser, the Lumina Calendar and they report problems. Who is the blame? That’s why there Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and whatever else Ubuntu.

Circles back to default install should be CLI, then maybe on first boot you pick what DE you want, it gets downloaded and installed at that point.
Or default install is Lumina, user installs something else if they want.

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