Burning CD's/DVD's in TrueOS...and other questions


I’m getting close to permanently switch to TrueOS but first a few questions…

What is typcially used to burn DVD for viewing on Large screen TV ?

On Mac, I use “Burn” which, when presented with an .MP4, kindly offers to convert it to .MPG which is then it burns it in and the DVD is viewable. For more complicated conversions or subtitles for all those Japanese samurai movies, I use HandBrake which, I would think, is probably available on TrueOS (haven’t had time to check). Curiously, using Handbrake to do the mp4-mpg conversion does not work after burning in with Burn, so maybe Burn is doing some extra special stuff to make DVD viewable, don’t know. [Corrected, I had mp3 in there but meant mpg].

As mentioned in another post, I need way to print SCALED text so I can go 110% or even higher and fill page with nice readable characters when printing. Preview on Mac has this feature, LibreOffice, which has improved greatly over last few years, does not.



For CD or DVD write I can offer the Xfburn, K3b or Brasero. Sorry the Xfburn and maybe the K3b (but now I’m not sure in the K3b) not check the finished disc at the end of the write procedure.
And use everytime the most slower writing speed because the better quality.

For converting my favorit is the WinFF but for this you have to install (from AppCafe) the Xterminal and the FFmpeg codec also.
Other converters and editors (whats I knowing) are the Lives, Clipgrab and Openshot, but with these I had everytime some problem, with the WinFF never and its easy to use and fast.


So if I use one of those to convert mp4 to mpg, is that sufficient for viewability on external TV or does something else need to be done ?



You can convert for some different style, not only for .mpg (the .mpg is very old format) usually the .avi is the most versatile (you can use it on the most player), but I’m living in Europe and maybe in the US the players are different, I don’t know. And important that for example an .avi format never will be so good resolution as an .MP4, the “borders” the capabilities are different of the different formats!
You have to check the player capabilities and after choose the right file format. In different converters you can edit a lot of thing, but the most importants are usually the dimensions (from the old style 720x576 across the home theatre 720x540 till the full HD 1920x1080 and more, this depends on the converter, you have to check the dimensions of your TV) the bit rate of the video (more bit rate better quality, but bigger file size). You have to be careful because for a little dimensions video needs less bitrate for the same quality.
Maybe for other format you will need other codec as FFmpeg.

I can offer you a test! Choose a short video and after try to convert this video for different styles (different format, different bitrate) and write these converted videos for an DVD and after check on the TV which is the best for you and after with these “best” parameters convert the others in the future.


Thanks !



I forget to write that some converter sensitive for the prohibited characters (§,’,",/,% and etc)in the name of the source video and will not start the converting, but you can solve it with a simple rename.
Sorry already my experinces are mixed in my head, I used a lot of converters-editors in the last years in BSD and in Windows also.


I know, I have had that happen to me.

I see that HandBrake tool is available in AppCafe.

This tool is awesome.



I don’t know the HandBrake, but I will try! Thank’s the idea!


Old school way is to use cmdline tools like mkisofs and burncd (or the equivalent DVD tools). I’ve been doing that for a long time and it works.
pkg search cdrtools dvd+rw-tools tkdvd


You’ll love it, it’s the Swiss Army knife of video tools. But be careful on the mpg’s,
I never could get viewable videos on it when burning in dvd on the Mac. Had to use the
built in Mp4-mpg converter in the “Burn” application.

Some nuance there I didn’t know about. Nothing knew. (There go those crazy puns again).