BSDNow program suggestion


I am enjoying the BSDNow show. However, it is way over my head. Is there any way the developers could make a regular YouTube video with them discussing TrueOS specifics but with more explanation aimed at those of us new to TrueOS. For example, I do not yet know what jails are or classes or how OpenRC works or why GRUB needs to be deprecated or why you need a custom terminal and login manager to replace the existing one.

I would be willing to play with your Lumina 2.0 on Wayland once it is usable.

I plan to buy new hardware soon, maybe a Z270 chipset.


This really shouldn’t be a BSD Now feature, as that show’s point is to cover everything in the BSD community. FYI, I’m the producer of the show. We have been careful how much we cover TrueOS things, because we dont want to seem biased towards TrueOS vs the other BSDs.

That being said though, there has been talk among the TrueOS devs about doing something similar to this on its own, but we still haven’t fleshed out the whole idea yet.


I imagine that making more than 24 hours in a day is one of the prerequisites? :wink:


My suggestion was poorly worded. I meant a stand-alone single YouTube video from the developers about how awesome TrueOS is, including the roadmap for improvements.


There is ongoing effort going “back” to PC-BSD times: