Boot related question - Lumina Desktop


Before Lumina launches or as it is launching, there is a small grey box with some
famous quotation.

At the top of this box it says Starting Lumina Desktop or something to that effect,
but it says it twice, which appears unnecessary.

I have not tried to turn this off yet, but plan to someday.


it appears that way. What I think is happening, is the box appears, and then the quote gets thrown in there, which expands the box.

Dow that sound about right?


It has always done something like this as far as I can remember. I always thought of it as just the way that X updates windows in a piecemeal fashion. It looks to me as if the final message is either expanding of being moved and there is some background action causing a delay just at the wrong time. I think Wayland is designed not to have this kind of problem.


Yes, it is an X11/Qt painting issue. I keep committing little changes to it every week or so to try and find the “magic bullet” that fixes that small bit of artifacting - but so far I have been unsuccessful.