Black screen after installing U5, old Intel graphic


can you post your about?


Is about a command? I typed it and it said command not found.


Yes, about is a command. If you entered “about” in a terminal, and it said you don’t have it, you are probably missing the trident-core-201903101853 tools.

Which I think update is a part of.

Can you check and see if you have that installed in appcafe?


It’s not installed, should I install it?


Yes, go ahead and install that.


it deleted my legacy kmod and installed current kmod. Weird, in my last failed system update, I did pkg list and I saw that my legacy kmod was not removed from my computer.

I haven’t restarted yet, but I know I will need legacy kmod, so I will go ahead and uninstall current kmod and readd my legacy kmod.

wait a second, legacy kmod also uninstalls trident core, WHAT?

so… what to do next?


roll back one BE, and stay for a minute or two


Hope you don’t mind me ranting.
I am thinking about just popping my ghostbsd harddrive back into my computer and just forget about it because it’s the only bsd that was more noob-friendly, more like Linux, didn’t give me this much trouble getting everything to work. I want to make a bsd-based work laptop, but trident is not making it easy for me.


if that’s what it takes

@BSDELL, was informed on telegram, once ghostBSD updates/upgradeds it trueos version, you may have this issue as well.

Seems FreeBSD is tinkering on their system right now


Damn, what did they do lol


…doesn’t sound good…Ghost has been my ‘daily’ for a while cos it always just worked while Trident didn’t…may have to buy some new hardware:(


uefi boot is the thing.

if you can upgrade your BIOS?


an interesting thing while I am looking at ghostbsd’s package setup. The xorg.conf file is blank, and the rc.conf has nvidia instead of intel

kldload_nvidia=“nvidia-modeset nvidia”

and I checked my package, and I only have libdrm installed

I checked dmesg, and it did load i915 correctly

info: [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
drmn0: <Intel i965GM> on vgapci0
intel_iicbb0 on drmn0
intel_iicbb1 on drmn0
intel_iicbb2 on drmn0
intel_iicbb3 on drmn0
intel_iicbb4 on drmn0
intel_iicbb5 on drmn0
info: [drm] MSI enabled 1 message(s)
info: [drm] Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 1 (10.10.2010).
info: [drm] Driver supports precise vblank timestamp query.
intel_sdvo_ddc_proxy397632 on drmn0
intel_sdvo_ddc_proxy397664 on drmn0
drmn0: taking over the fictitious range 0xe0000000-0xf0000000
info: [drm] initialized overlay support
info: [drm] Connector LVDS-1: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.modes.LVDS-1
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
info: [drm] Connector VGA-1: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.modes.VGA-1
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
info: [drm] Connector SVIDEO-1: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.modes.SVIDEO-1
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
fbd0 on drmn0
info: [drm] Initialized i915 1.6.0 20080730 for drmn0 on minor 0


In another thread, here, I was told to remove nvidia loads in rc.conf in order to let Intel video driver load properly and enable 3D acceleration.