Black screen after installing U5, old Intel graphic


And if I use TTY mode and try to change xorg and rc conf settings, I can’t do that because ee and vi aren’t working properly, all I see is a single line of text at the bottom of the screen which responds to my cursor controlled by arrow key, I can’t tell what was happening at all.

When I installed TrueOS before, there’s usually a screen that asks which display I would like to use on the first screen after installing TrueOS. If I choose Intel, my screen would just black out forever. I heard that there are old and new intel drivers. What worked for me was to start with the generic driver to go into TrueOS successfully, and then put in kld_list=“i915kms” in rc.conf to get right resolution.

but it seems the project trident skips this step and just automatically detects driver now

The computer is an old Dell Latitude D830.
Mobile Intel GM965 Express
Intel GMA X3100


which video card?

Bios or EFI?

trueos was, at that time FreeBSD 12, trueos/Project Trident is using FreeBSD 13.*

no the installer did not “skip” any step. During the setup, the Trident installer asked which video drivers to install, along with other packages.

BIOS uses vesa as default
UEFI use scfb (sp) as it’s default


it’s Bios.
Intel GMA X3100
The installer did ask which video drivers to include, but it wouldn’t let me remove the check mark for Intel legacy drivers.


bios uses legacy drivers.

what happens after the first reboot?


After it goes the through the bootloader work through the terminal text stuff, the screen just goes black. I see the wifi icon flashing. I think it has reached desktop, it just wouldn’t display anything. If I press the power button, I can see from the indicator light that it executed the shutdown procedure properly.

Do you know what the graphic error with tty text editors is about?


at PCDM, drop to terminal, and log in as root.

type --> cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf and post here


What’s PCDM? Are you talking about boot loader select single user mode?


how are you trying to get to the desktop?


Not sure what you mean. I usually just wait for it to load into desktop after the terminal did its thing.


Not sure if you have a working TrueOS 18.03 legacy BE.

If you do, boot it up, copy /etc/rc.conf and /etc/X11/xorg.conf to /usr/home/[YourUserName]/Desktop (or without “Desktop”…), reboot into Trident BE and at cli rename existing /etc/rc.conf and /etc/X11/xorg.conf and copy the two respective files from your home folder to the respective target location, and reboot to see if that gives you a gui/pcdm.

For editing in cli of non-properly-into-gui-mode-booting Trident BE I just typed

edit [/folder/file]

and was able to edit files (as root).


valid question raised by @to-user.

What s the name of the ISO you downloaded?



What’s BE by the way? I am new to bsds, not sure what all the acronyms mean.


making sure we are on the same page

BE = Boot Environment (BE)

okay, you get through the install phase, and then presented with the reboot screen?


I haven’t done the thing to-user mentioned, but the installation was successful, and then I rebooted and etc, and then got stuck in black screen.


trying to make sure we are see the same thing. we are.

Okay, at the trident boot screen --> hit the space bar <-- to stop booting
bios or efi? i didn’t see that in the above conversations.

you want to to boot to “single user” mode

once there, you need to type a few commands

cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf

mount -o /u (i think)


Weird, the file doesn’t exist. Hmm, I will try installing again. The iso I downloaded should be okay. I md5 checked the image before I put it on the usb stick.


sometimes, the intel driver does not need an config.file

my uefi installation does not have one either


So what can I do in the next step if xorg is not the issue?


if it’s not booting, then we can copy a sample one.

“sudo cp /usr/local/etc/X11/xorg.fallback.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf”

this will copy a sample to the proper directory

if you are using an EFI system, you can leave it alone

if you are using a BIOS system, it needs to be edited

“sudo ee /etc/X11.xorg.conf”

change the “driver” section from “scfb” to “vesa”


Just curios. Are there any error/warning messages from dmesg that might help isolate the issue?
Is the system booting far enough up to a point where an Xorg.0.log file gets created?