Beta03 is out, so have at it


Rodney Myers, [25.09.18 06:14]
Project-Trident BETA-03 had been released

Wifi dhcp may be an issue for some

GELI incrytpion has been disabled. still not functioning at this time.

If you have a Lenovo, or if you have weird graphics, read the lnk below. YOUR hardware issue. we will not fix

For bugs, please read this arricle on where and how to report bugs

Note, on a fresh full disk install and WiFi. on first boot you need to edit a file as well

sudo ee /etc/rc.conf

making sure that the wlan* line has “SYNCDHCP” (matching the wired entry)



That article has nothing about reporting bugs. :frowning:


scroll to the bottom of the pinned message

I’m using it right now.


what issue have you found?


None yet. I’m downloading the installer.

I’m going to check about installing into a new BE when there are other OSs installed.


On my laptop ASUS GL753VD, the installer worked quite well. The keyboard now shows me options. the attached hard disks are now properly listed.

Installs without a hiccup.

Reboot, it boots good, but it gets stuck when it tries to run Xorg on VT 9.

My laptop has 2 GPUs, Main is Intel HD 630 and Secondary nVidia GTX 1050.

it is trying to run the nVidia drivers and it get stuck. I can still switch to console.
There should be a failsafe in this case, just fall back to Intel if detected or run VESA. TrueOS did that and it ran Intel upon booting after installation.

is there a way to tell it to pick Intel, maybe at installation time as TrueOS did?

BITCH about Trident-Beta HERE

Whats the difference between true OS and Trident OS? What did Trident do to make it different from True OS?

BITCH about Trident-Beta HERE

TrueOS is an independent project that builds a system on top of the FreeBSD operating system.

It’s FreeBSD with some of their own pre-built packages to help create a Desktop system (Lumina). NOw they are only focusing on TrueOS, the core operating system Based on FreeBSD.

Trident uses TrueOS for its base system and Lumina for the desktop components.

Also, I have sense that, from your posts, you are mixing BSD and Linux oses. They are not the Same and different oses.

some readings:

Many more on WWW.


I see, so I should use Trident over TrueOS as a general purpose Operating System.

I know they are different. but thanks for the links.


In a nutshell Trident is the new project to build a desktop environment (GUI) on top of TrueOS using Lumina.
TrueOS is the core operating system, based on FreeBSD, no desktop.


What I don’t understand is that TrueOS does have a desktop environment last time I checked, are you guys stripping of the DE?


Yes and No.
There used to be “TrueOS Server” and “TrueOS Desktop”. By default, the server did not install a gui/DE. By default the desktop did install a gui/DE (Lumina).
This was confusing so what you have now is TrueOS and Trident. Trident is “next gen TrueOS desktop” while TrueOS is TrueOS Server.
There are plenty of links around here back to what is going on, why the name change, etc.


Oh I get it now, thanks mate.


The installation of Trident worked fine but there are major network issues. Some sites can be reached, others can’t. DNS works, but routing for some sites does not.

I recognized that no IPv4 address was assigned though the DHCP server (on my internet route) is configured to lease one. So I set it up manually but that doesn’t help.


WiFi? there is a minor issue getting the IPv4 address going.

post your /etc/rc.conf wlan0 entry


No, it’s LAN via cable, Gigabit “Ethernet”.

ifconfig_re0=“ netmask”
ifconfig_re0_ipv6=“inet6 accept_rtadv”


even better, I think :wink:

you may need to set your default route.

sudo route add default

in a terminal type --> ping

it “should” ping the verizon dns server


I have seen sometimes that having IPV6 enabled results in IPV6 DNS lookups happening first and eventually (minutes later) falling back to IPV4 lookups.


This did the magic:
route add default