BETA-02 is out now


Brilliant, it found the GT 750 and is now asking for configuration. Cool beans!
I’ll let you know how it goes. :slight_smile:
Sitting at choosing install. Is taking some time finding the drive.
It did not find the drive so I asked to go to console and it flashed a screen and went back to screen one. Once I moved on to screen two it had found the drive.
And the install is rolling…
Install completed, and now I have to tell it to boot UEFI, which I’ve never done or needed before.
Something else went awry, it said Starting session on vt-9 but the only virtual terminal is 0, and I have the login prompt. No screens found.

But I see that modules and fonts are loaded for Xorg. But no video driver, not even vesa.
dmesg shows that it found a VGA compatible display, and the nvidia card.
vgapci0 is vesa, and so is vgapci1, and vgapici1 is also the boot video device, hdac1 it recognizes as nvidia. I’ve not gotten to the significance of hdac1 but without the nvidia driver loaded…
Now I need to locate the driver and see what happens when I try to load it. (I did tell it to install the latest driver during install.)

OK, driver was in /boot/modules/nvidia.ko and it loaded fine manually. I should probably make a config change to tell it to do it under /usr/local/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/.
I’m woefully out of touch but I think I can clobber together the config. (After dinner.)


CPU: AMD Ryzen 2400G (Raven Ridge)
GPU: AMD RX560 (Radeon RX 550 640SP / RX 560/560X)
Mainboard: Asrock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac

Already getting further along than with the first beta, so yay progress! Keyboard and mouse are now detected, which failed on beta 1. I can now proceed to various installer screens.

Only thing to note, which might be minor, is that the “Go To Terminal” button causes a crash and restart using my system. Seems consistent and reproducable.

Resolution is not correctly detected (trivial), wired NIC seems to be present via hardware tab.

I’ll wipe my current system and give it an install tomorrow. Seems promising so far.


Hi there,

I’ve installed BETA-02 as a new BE over an existing BETA-01 inside a virtual box. Since I used a BE, I wanted to look in the control panel, how many BEs exist at all.
But the control panel/BE tool is missing:

If that is a bug, where should I report it? My guess would be “TrueOS base”.


I have beta2 on metal, and I show mine. I just looked at the test machine to verify.

Do you have the SysAdm client running? Cloud type icon one the menu bar?

IF you need to generate a bug ticket, this is from the telegram channel

read this arricle on where and how to report bugs, Bugs reports are only for the RELEASE directory, please include your ISO image name within bug report. If you use ANY OTHER release, you are on your own, and bugs tickets will be closed


Do you have the SysAdm client running? Cloud type icon one the menu bar?

Yes, it’s running. If I select “Local System” from the context menu, I get exact the same Icons in the control panel. And yes, it was the BETA-02 from the RELEASE directory.


I figured it was, but had to ask.

go ahead , read the link about bug tickets, and file one. I’m thinking a trident issue at the moment


Ah, mrT55 was faster than me, seems to be related:


Just ISOs but not USB images (so for my hardware legacy boot needed, EFI boot working just for USB images), but anyway EFI driver is still brought with my system installation.:+1:


The BETA2-x64-20180906.iso is usable as an USB image. Without problem I copied it via the dd command to a thumbdrive and installed it into a boot environment afterwards. This post is written on this Trident BETA2. There will be no discrimination between an ISO for CD/DVD and an IMG for USB thumbdrives in the future. The same ISO can be used for both as far as I understood @beanpole135.


@RJules3 I believe is correct. The reasoning came from upstream FreeBSD changes to the creation of the images.