ATT, Yahoo Email and OATH


Any one familiar the Topic. Thinking of ditching ATT e-mail because of Oath privacy statement. So I am curious as to what users here use for e-mail?


I use protonmail these days.


I have accounts with fastmail and protonmail. I use primarily fastmail but I do like the fact that you can setup a completely anonymous account on protonmail.


Thanks, heard of protonmail and was looking into it. Thanks again.


I think that AOL email is best than others like Yahoo and ATT. I want to download AOL Gold, so please provide me steps or guidance to download it.

#6 is your friend.

i don;t see a freebsd client. unless you want to run windos in virtualbox


I checked that link, and there is nothing called “Gold.” They claim to be a “third-party” and not related to the “manufacturer” which I assume is AOL. The services they provide is " Change AOL password, Reset AOL password, customer support, and customer care." I think the last two are the same thing.


Either protonmail and Tutanota mail both uses end-to-end encryption which is great.