AppCafe not updating


Hi all,

I recently installed Project Trident 18.11 Prerelease. After I booted into the OS I could not update AppCafe to install new programs.
Doing a -> "sudo pkg update -f " has been confirmed to not work from someone on the Trident Telegram channel.
Any help would be appreciated.

1811 pre-release out in the wild. Discussion

I have same problem (Tridend prelease), in the AppCafe only the Local (installed) apps are available. The “pkg update -f” doesn’t helped for me too. Try in terminal:

sudo pkg search PKGUPDATE

you will get it:

fbsdpkgupdate-0.2 Tool to create pkg update list


sudo pkg install fbsdpkgupdate-0.2

After these steps you will be able to install files from terminal. For example:

sudo pkg search LibreOffice

and from the list choose what(s) you want to use and install them:

sudo pkg install libreoffice-6.0.7_1 hu-libreoffice-6.0.7


Thank you I’ll try that.


pkg install still works fine. I believe AppCafe will be updated on the next release.