AppCafe and Update Manager extremely slow


I also had this kind of problem if the local IP address of my router was entered in Network Manager’s DNS server field.
To solve this problem, I removed the local IP address of my router from the DNS server field and entered the IP address of the DNS server of my Internet service provider (or chose a DNS server from the list of public DNS servers).
As I’m in an IPv4 network here, I don’t know whether you have to do the same steps in the IPv6 DNS server field so that this workaround functions.
I opened a ticket on Github with further details:


Hi toro and russoj88,

may I ask which routers you are using?
(The name of the router manufacturer is already sufficient, as I know from my own experience that if one router model from a certain manufacturer shows the delay problem, other routers from this manufacturer have the same problem too).

At the moment I’m writing a list of affected router models, and it would be nice if I could include your information too.

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