AppCafe and Control Panel No Longer Working


The AppCafe and Control Panel applications are no longer working for me in Lumina or xfce. They open and then close immediately. I recently installed LightDM and deleted pcdm. The LightDM greeter seems to be working fine, but now AppCafe and Control Panel do not work. Please advise. Thanks.


Try command line:

Working looks like this:

% sysadm-client -localhost
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-<USERNAME>'
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-<USERNAME>'
 * status: started
Open Localhost window: On Page: ""
Got Server Authentication

What’s Your result? Post it.


Here is a screen print. I hope this is visible.


on the menu bar, far left to right

clock, network connection, sound/volume, and finally SysAdm, which has Appcafe

What happens when you try to run sysadm-client do when you run it? it should add another icon to the menu bar

Also, the logs are in ls -la /var/log/sysadm/websocket/

% rc-service sysadm status
 * status: started

What do You have?


It says “started”.


This is from the hostinfo-2018-03-06.log. Please let me know if you need some other logs as well. Thanks.


A) Why root?
B) Why SSL?


I have no idea why that is in the log.


Nor have I.

I have my normal user account from the installation phase, and no SSL.


if at all possible, roll back one Boot Environment (BE) and try

nothing else comes to mind


Newbie here. Could you please explain how to do that? Thanks.


On first boot screen, quickly press “space” to pause the timeout and choose BE


At the bottom right there is a cloud looking thing with 3 lines trough it (SysADM) click on it, and then go to “Local System” under System Management you will see a button called" Boot Environments. There you can activate, create, and delete, boot environments.


When I go there “local system” is grayed out. In fact, there is a message that says “Local system: lost connection”. When I try to select local system, it asks for the password. I enter it, but nothing happens.


damn, guess we’ll have to do it the olde school way.

open a terminal and type;

beadm list

post what you see


I want to thank all of you for trying to help. I went ahead and reinstalled TrueOS on VirtualBox.


Where you on Virtual Box before?


Yes. After I reinstalled, I tried LightDM again and the same thing happened. I was able to boot to the initial boot selection to get past it.


Hi, i encountered the same problem (Control Panel application open and then close immediately), but i don’t know why and i don’t remember the actions i do before this bug appeared. I reinstalled TrueOS. It’s look like a bug. I will tell you if it happens again.