Apparently Lumina 1.2.0 has been released


I’m wondering why there’s no official announcement “here” for the new Lumina release.

When checking - after months! - a linux magazin website the first article that caught my eye was about the new lumina release 1.2.0.

As I didn’t find anything “here”, I checked out the official lumina website:

Version 1.2.0 Released (on Jan. 4th)

Sounds very interesting. Maybe one day I don’t need xfce anymore? :slight_smile:
Waiting for the next image release… As there is also an update available with lots of FreeBSD changes (including kernel) I guess there’s a new image for downloading coming in the near future.


I guess, the product site should be the primary source of news and information about the product; I like that priority.


Yeah, You’re right, but as searching here and finding this

Lumina 1.1.0 Released

and also because Lumina is the only (officially) supported DE I thought there would be an announcement for the new release here, too. But on there also is none for the most recent Lumina release, I guess the developers are busy right now and the announcements will come later on.


From what I see: amazingly busy.

Whilst I can move this topic to the announcements area, I’ll refrain. @beanpole135 might prefer to begin a topic (or ask me to move this one). Either way:

  • thanks for raising awareness.


Yes, he will probably post more on Monday (tomorrow). FWIW, TrueOS
builds on the latest -devel version of lumina, so we have 1.2.1 right
now. This is mainly for non-TrueOS users who run the portable version.


My post/this thread was (and still is) intended to be deleted after the official announcement has been posted.

Just wanted to let others know the good news.

I just was especially excited after I discovered Zorin OS yesterday which has as a special feature the option of changing DE appearance to W7- / W10- / MacOS-style and others in order to facilitate the switch to linux for users of those OSs (although I read that pre-v12 versions had a better version of that feature). And then I find this announcement which says that lumina gets a similar feature.


I am a novice and have no idea what I am doing yet, but when I re-installed TrueOS over my install from the 12-27-2016 build, it updated everything ( I think ). I have FreeBSD-12.0 Current # 14, and Lumina 1.2.1.
I have not tried to install other desktops.


Yes, I generally don’t bother “re-posting” the Lumina release announcements over here any more because TrueOS always has the latest/greatest version (1.2.1 right now). I only create the “*.0” releases as static snapshots of Lumina for other operating systems from time to time.


I have TrueOS up-to-date with the STABLE Repository and it has Lumina 1.1.2. What do I do to always get the latest? Switch to UNSTABLE? Thanks.


The STABLE updates with 1.2.1 were pushed out yesterday (Jan 9th). It typically takes ~24 hours before all the various CDN nodes sync up, so your local node is probably just one of the last ones to sync.

Note that the 1.1.2 (previous STABLE), 1.2.0 (release announcement), and 1.2.1 (current STABLE/UNSTABLE) are all basically the same. The main difference was that the version number was changed, release announcement published, and version number changed again in the development branch so new stuff gets committed under the *.1 version.


Finally came in this morning, with a bunch of updates. Thanks for your help and patience.


Just trying to send out some positive feedback. I am a computer novice. I have about 26 hours usage
now with TrueOS and Lumina 1.2.1 as my only operating system on my SSD. I only have 3 problems
so far that are annoying. I think my install is stuck in an update loop. And App Cafe and Control panel
freeze up on almost every session. There is a Linux distro called AntiX 16.1 that has a menu item called
"App Killer." I think TrueOS needs that. I would like to remain faithful to TrueOS, but I just enjoy
distro-hopping, so it is likely, I will unplug this SSD, and plug in a blank one and tinker with some of the
newest Linux distros. I am limited to about 2 hours of computer usage a day. ( I make a living as
a driver doing deliveries in a large metropolitan area ). And most of that time is spent web-surfing, so
the reality is I can do most of my computing on a Chromebook, except for the repository games that I like to briefly play with.


You can install xkill from the ports tree, it’ll provide the same functionality.
If you need help installing from the ports tree, check the handbook.