Anyone run TrueOS on Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition?



The recent OS X High Sierra passwordless root login issue has got me planning to move my daily personal computer usage back to FreeBSD after almost fifteen years in Apple-land.

I’d like to keep things simple as far as getting new kit is concerned; has anyone had any experiences with the non-touchscreen version of Dell’s XPS 13 currently on their site?

Since it comes preloaded with Ubuntu, I’m guessing that there are no major showstoppers with quirky hardware or interfaces. Does anyone have any insight onto whether this is a good choice for someone who wants the “it just works” aspect of laptop hardware, but prefers FreeBSD and TrueOS to a buggy OS X? Some of the main things I want to know about are native-resolution display, wifi, and suspend/hibernate.



Nothing stands out, so i’m guessing it should work just fine


If they pre-install it with Ubuntu, then they probably do not have a broadcom wifi chip in there (just as bad on Linux as on FreeBSD) - so wifi will probably work fine - just verify which checkset they use first (in my experience intel and atheros are the two best supported wifi chipsets on FreeBSD).


There were other users on the PC-BSD forum that said they ordered from and just specified PC-BSD on the user notes, and they got a laptop that they opened and did not have to hack. Everything, just worked straight out of the box.

I haven’t heard of anyone with the same experience on TrueOS yet, but I am looking at getting me the Chimera3 from there sometime next year (when income tax comes in) only because I like to watch movies on my laptop and I can add a Blue-Ray player to that one. Or else I would have gone with the Verix 7220


I’m one of the Zareason folke. their BIOS/whatever they call it, does NOT do UEFI :frowning:


You just bursted my bubble RodMyers :sob:


why, thank you :wink:

My Zareason has Linux Mint on it, since I cannot FreeBSD and/or TrueOS to be acknowledged during it’s "UEFI? boot sequence


If you don’t mind me asking what model do you have?


An older one, the “Strata 7440”


Just got of the phone with Zareason, and they said that their new ones are actually UEFI capable. The problem they told me that they are having, is that, the last time they tested TrueOS they couldn’t get sound to work; because their hardware requires binary blobs that are not included in TrueOS. I told them, that I would still keep them in mind and circle back with them when I’m ready to make my purchase.


Wow !! I was thinking EXACTLY the same. I’ve been with Apple since Snow Leopard, got way more done once I had abandoned mucking with Windows XP. But for me it was the updates highly touted which were removing things or moving them to other places that turned me off. That plus trying to turn a desktop computer into a giant version of an I-Phone. Really annoying.

TrueOS has knocked my socks off so far, it’s got real potential and that potential is being now realized. i have most of the apps I usually use on the Mac including handbrake , no equivalent to Burn yet for making video DVDs but I’m sure there’s one out there, and I don’t know what to use in place of CDParanoia which I think is not available (have not looked to closely on that one).

That leaves just me needing wine to run “Chess Genius” my favorite chess program (I’ve actually beaten it once) which was a brilliant 32 bit assembly language app which will run under a 32 bit wine. I have it on my Mac running now too.

The big win is ZFS, of course. When Apple passed on that one, I knew they had blundered or were intentionally avoiding it in order to play the “lock them in” game. But that game’s days are numbered as everyone must realize by now.


Anyone running the XPS 13 9370 model (that’s the newer one with USB-C charging)?

Specs can be seen here:

I recently read in FreeBSD Journal that the 9360 is pretty well supported in FreeBSD but I’d like to have USB-C charging on my next laptop, so I’d like to know if this laptop is just as well supported.