Anyone else running TrueOS on Kaby Lake?


I’m sure most folks are either running on Xeon or a Haswell iCore processor with dedicated Nvidia Gfx but I’ll ask anyway.

I built a PC a few months ago knowing that graphics support might not quite be there yet as I couldn’t stretch to an NVidia card at the time so would be using the integrated HD 630 graphics using modesetting or even VESA if required. I have it currently working with decent performance using the modesetting driver but I have two niggles.

  1. Although sound shows as outputting pcm3 (HDMI) in pavucontrol I have to use the pcm2 (Realtek Chipset) via 3.5mm Jack for audio output. The HDMI audio works under Linux (Ubuntu 16.04).

  2. Looking at /var/log/dmesg I can see that the system actually seems to be aware that it needs a driver for Kabylake but the kernel module is not listed under /boot/kernel/

To be honest I can live with both issues for now. But, as the system is looking for the correctly named .ko I was wondering if Kaby Lake should be supported using the Intel driver.

Anyone else had any luck with a similar setup to:
1x Intel i5 7500
1x 16GB Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX PC4-19200
1x 256GB Samsung SM961 Polaris M.2 NVMe
on an ASRock B250M-HDV motherboard.


I have a Kaby Lake system (Intel K7700) as my Windows Photography Workstation. If I get time this weekend, I’ll try booting into TrueOS on it. I have a gtx1070 in it though.

I think the drm-next stuff is just up to the 4.9 kernel, if I remember correctly Kaby Lake was included in the 4.10 kernel, which we haven’t hit parity with yet.


Darktable on TrueOS works pretty well for digital photos


Thanks @q5sys. If I have to wait a point release of drm-next hopefully I won’t have to wait too long :slight_smile: