Any information when next update is available?


Seems to me, that system has not updated for a while?


Stable or unstable? Stable is on a 6 month schedule


Stable. Didn’t know about that 6 months, as it seemed to update more frequently earlier.


They switched to a 6month schedule earlier this year


STABLE: The “static” release track. Updated every 6 months (June/December) with only occasional/minor bumps to internal tools or 3rd-party package during the interval as needed.

UNSTABLE: The “rolling” release track. Typically gets updated every couple weeks or so, depending on lots of various factors (state of upstream ports tree, internal build state, QA tests, etc…)


June: "Put out the release, kids are out of school, go on vacation, can’t fix anything"
December: “Holidays, kids out of school, can’t fix anything”.

I think those were strategic choices.



Thanks for information :slight_smile: As there was some hiatus in my system use I simply became worried that somehow my system went too far away from update cycle and that updater would not be able to get new patches anymore.


That is one of the nice things about how TrueOS does updates compared to PC-BSD:

With PC-BSD the more updates you “skipped”, the more difficult the update would end up and eventually you would lose the option to update at all (based on how each update was a new pkg repository - among other things)

With TrueOS the updates are sandboxed within BE’s and the repo URL’s (and other changes) are always released in a self-contained and dynamically-updated manner by an update utility which is self-updating - ensuring that the next update procedure does not care when you updated last.