Another FreeBSD refugee


Hello friends. Looking forward to some excellent technical discussions, blissfully free of needless political distractions.

Haven’t actually migrated my desktop yet, but I anticipate that happening well before 12.0-STABLE gets a release.


Well, from one refugee to another, welcome. Just keep in mind that TrueOS has all the pluses and minuses of running CURRENT… So far has been solid for me on a couple different sets of hardware. Laptops and WiFi can get a little iffy, but desktops have been solid. OpenRC as init has introduced a few oddities, there may be a few ports needing conversion, but so far no bikesheds here.


Yes: Welcome!

Last couple of days, I played around with Windows 10, Debian, and KDE Neon. It’s all a mess.

The BSDs seem to be the only well known (free and/or proprietary) operating systems existing in the moment that are well documented and don’t leave me very, very, let’s say … disappointed.

I tried Win10’s NFS-client. Well, it works. Partially…

Debian pollutes it’s BaSH-Environment with command completions without end (even some DKMS-related stuff is to be found there…). And systemd, of course.

KDE Neon is the showcase for KDE’s Plasma desktop on a Ubuntu LTS base. Ubuntu and KDE overwrite mutually the base-files package (think BSD-‘BaseSystem’). Graphics drivers work again, after 1 month. DropDown Terminal (“Yakuake”) changed its resolution and has now an unchangable max-size of one 6th of the screen. If You change its profiles, KDE’s konsole application changes, too.

All this is pure EVIL.