An uncluttered and fully functional Lumina desktop


The Lumina desktop is not ugly, or clunky, or not Mac, or Linux or anything else. It is highly configurable. and using auto-hide panels, is capable of being very uncluttered. I cannot work with screens cluttered with icons and all sorts of eye-candy, but that is me.

This is my desktop, and is configured by me, for me, which is the crux of the whole debate. It could well be the case that nobody else cares for this desktop, but prefers their configuration, which is how it should be.
Have a great weekend everybody… We are about to get a couple of days of major snow dumps here in Atlantic Canada, so I will be exchanging my keyboard for a very clunky snow shovel…
BTW, One of our German Shepherds passed away suddenly a few weeks ago, and there she is “Waiting at the bridge”… I am still an old sentimental Welshman


Know that your GSD is in good company with my Bucca, Simi and Lily (Siberian, Siberian, Bernese Mountain Dog).
My desktops are much the same, only my background is usually solid color “#2b2b2b” (about a Zone IV gray). I also use WindowMaker instead of Lumina, but I agree with the uncluttered desktop.


That will be great company for Raven… very special relationships are built with certain breeds, as you well know…
My desktops are normally soft/muted black and white pictures, but I could not resist this particular image. I ran an extremely minimal Debian, with a small number of XFCE4 components loaded manually, and a muted black and white image of a lake for the desktop… (very Zen of me). I have a spare laptop on which I want to install FreeBSD, to revisit the CLI and a also good opportunity to “try” to bring up a window manger only configuration.
Thanks and Regards