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Visitors on Distrowatch looking for TrueOS are led to discourse.trueos as the primary user forum which is fine. The presented alternative user forum is forums.pcbsd but on several posts in this forum is mentioned PC-BSD to be a ‘Dead Project’ - for instance here. Is this forum of a dead project still alive? Wouldn’t be the FreeBSD forum a better alternative user forum?


The devs can answer better, but I believe that the pcbsd forum may be in a readonly state, which limits the usefulness to historic value. Based on that, I agree that FreeBSD forums would be a better alternative.


@mer is correct.
The PC-BSD forums are in a read-only state for archival/historical access.
Historically I would recommend the FreeBSD Forums as a good alternative, but lately it seems to have just become a troll-hole (personal observation) whenever the words “TrueOS” or “Lumina” are mentioned in a thread. Maybe we can all help turn it around and return it to the nice/factual forum that it used to be…

In other news, I will make sure to get the web team to put up a banner of some kind on the top of the PC-BSD forums so that people are quickly warned about it’s status and a link here to discourse.


Thank you both for the clarification! I won’t ever get my head around this phenomenon of ‘trolling’. If I am angry, all my systems are left alone and there are weights in the fitness studio to be maltreated. :wink:


My opinion on the trolls is they are unhappy if others are happy so they make the happy people unhappy which makes the trolls happy.
Or they think by yelling and screaming they make their points.


Sounds like my wife in real life.


I can understand the reason for the troll-like behaviour - it’s frustrating to try to help with any well-known computer system if that system has been modified in significant ways, and TrueOS certainly makes very significant modifications to FreeBSD - certainly enough to trip up anyone who’s trying to help.

People here sometimes do the same thing, for example if there’s a question on this forum about making TrueOS work exactly like Linux, or even a question about how to use strategies that would only work on “stock” FreeBSD and not on TrueOS.

People who are innocently ignorant of this type of thing deserve a break and a patient explanation, on any forum. And, at the same time, people entering any forum anywhere need to do their best to educate themselves before asking ignorant questions.

IMO it’s completely about treating each other with some respect, and (again IMO) technical issues don’t really have a significant role in this particular discussion.


OK, I think this is basically done.
The web team setup a redirect from the old PC-BSD website to the TrueOS website, and on the forum they put up a small banner about the changeover that will automatically redirect to the TrueOS forums unless the user cancels it because they want to view the PC-BSD archives (10 seconds?).


Haven’t been there in a while

That it does. Just checked.


Seems like the right thing, to me.


Just tried it but it redirects to the main page of and now visitors have to know the meaning of the top right pictogrammes

to find the current forum of TrueOS. Wouldn’t it be more easy, if there was an additional link designated ‘Forum’ just to the right of Handbook and Blog?

By the way I clicked on the ‘f’ and was confronted with the post ‘Now TrueOS is a Linux distro that we never heard about. Wow.’
That made me laugh - nothing better than to start the day with a good laugh!


@RJules3 : Thanks for the warning, I will file another ticket with the web team and see if we can get that sorted out…


Hello devs & web team, I don’t want to start new topic on subject of old PCBSD’s user forums, so I will ask here:
Is it possible to get content of old subforum named “Slovenian”? Internet archive holds only list of topics, but not actual content of conversations. I remember some stuff was translated to slovenian language and would really appreciate if I could get hold on these articles.

Thanks in advance


I will pass along, and see what they say


Any news Rod? Plain txt dump would suffice


no idea what’s going on. Way above my paygrade :frowning: