Allan Jude on Why ZFS is the best



I need to catch up on all BSD-now episodes


I stopped watching when @kris left the show. I have watched a few since, but I have to admit it’s usually when he is one of the guys being interviewed because I want to see if he talks about any new features he might be working on either in TrueOS or FreeNAS.


aah, spare time… I only remember it fleetingly…


How to talk like a Pirate . . .

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Me too, measuring it in minutes… I never watch the show but hear the podcast on my commute.


I watched most of it; good information, good fisking of an article that seemed to be based on a 10 yr old version of "Zed"FS.


You mean you don’t watch them live weekly?


usually not at home, @ noon edt to watch live


Since it’s live at 2PM, not being home at noon shouldn’t be a problem. :wink:


Wow,didn’t think you started drinking this early :wink:


After all that hard work I put into BSD Now and here you are just kicking me in the gut… :wink:


allan is a cool cat

love his shows with kris despite not knowing wht they’re on abt most of the time lol


Is that you Allan?..


no, not Allan

wish i was, in a way
if i were, i would have no probs installing uninstalling TrueOS/FreeBSD/DragonflyBSD etc.



I thought you were Allan… If I wanted to be someone else so I could have no probs installing and uninstalling Unices. I’d rather be Bryan Cantrill. The dude knows correct pronunciation, history, and so much more than just technical details. Bryan is also flexible, if you tell him. That is wrong he will correct it. Allan is not that flexible. [I sent him an e-mail with 10 links on why daemon is pronounced demon]( And how the Linux people have turned it into daymon, but it was actually intended to be demon From Maxwell’s demon the But as Unix people we should use correct terminology and not follow the lead of the Linux people… I was ignored, and worse then being ignored…Linux people say they know it’s wrong, but they wont change the way they’ve been saying only because they’ve been doing it for so long. Bryan Cantrill makes no such mistakes. He has always believed that nomenclature matters. It’s Demon not Daymon…


deee-mon, day-mon, “zee fs” zed fs.


Yup, I understand the social differences. I know that people in other countries call a Z (zee) a Sed instead I assume it’s so they don’t confuse it with C (see). I also understand the pronunciation difference. I’ve heard people say reh-vue instead of ree-view when they are referring to a review. I’ve heard people call it a parah-meeter when referring to a paramehter. This is understandable and acceptable. Calling P.C.I. (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Picky, is not, acceptable, that is nomenclature and nomenclature matters.


you say tomato
i say tomatoe

va va voom ( renault commercial, thierry henry)

i prefer daemon even though i m not a traditionalist

Bryan is a coolio cat but id rather be a nippon blond femma eating noodles in tokyo


nomenclature matters little when you invent words, the so called neologisms


That is the correct spelling from a long time ago. It is now spelled Demon, we are specifically discussing pronunciation. If you pronounce it Demon than you are correct if you pronounce it Daymon. You are doing it wrong also don’t forget that “I” is always capitalized… From the Link you posted…"[daemon] 2 archaic spelling of demon"

I say Demon like all the other people that are correct.

noun. The invention of new words regarded as a symptom of certain psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia.

I’ve never heard anyone at the store say. Can I have a 1lb of Toh-mah-toes? Or Cheeseburger with no Toh-mah-toes. Can you get me some Poh-tah-toe chips when you go to the store?