8 Months with TrueOS


I’m a Linux refugee who ran away to the TrueOS camp last year, and has been satisfied with the experience so far. I wrote down why I did it.



In my browser, Your web content appears as a small scrollable rectangle nearly an inch high on an otherwise empty white page.



just checked with UNSTABLE firefox.

looks okay here

@bsdtester that’s what I’m using right now. may want to restart without any plugins?

@Irumbumoideen thank you for the write up


Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit) on UNSTABLE is what I use. I’ll try another browser.


With “w3m”-browser, it works. “Opera” works, too.

Explanation for formatting problem:

Firefox (NoScript) blocked scripts from:


This web page needs these scripts for formatting.


@Irumbumoideen, agreed, I were an Arch user and switch to TrueOS not long ago. By seeing how the community tries to help and the devs keep doing the great job, I wouldn’t switch back. I even challenge my self to upgrade to unstable without hesitation.

Btw, your desktop is so cool…