32 Bit Operating System



Having seen TrueOS installed by Chris Barnett of ExplainingComputers.com I thought I’d give it a try.

I have a Toshiba 64bit Satellite laptop but when I try to install I get the following message;

CPU doesn’t support long mode

I am installing in Oracle Virtaul Box on a Windows10 OS, for some reason when creating virtual disks I do not get the option of 64bit

System is an AMD A8 with a 64bit OS



When configuring new guest VM, you need to select “FreeBSD 64-bit” OS type. If the combo box shows you only a list of 32-bit options (like just “FreeBSD”), it means VB conflicts with HyperV and can run 32-guests only. There could be just one active hypervisor at a time on windows afaik. Try to disable HyperV first, then retry VB.

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