29 aliases, longest 10 bytes


I try to install TrueOS-Desktop-17.12-x64-USB.img.torrent on notebook ThinkPad E330. And (near the end of an installation) the Installation Process puts the message:

“/etc/mail/aliases: 29 aliases, longest 10 bytes, 297 bytes total”

after which the system (installation) totally hangs.
What might it be?

And the installation did not see wi-fi on the notebook… strange.



dumb questions, for the moment

BIOS or UEFI boot method?

real UEFI, NOT UEFI with CSM


UEFI BIOS H3ET72WW(1.09) , Secure Boot=off


WiFi is set on reboot.

If you have a DVD//CD, can you try that?


Thanks, Rod!
I’ll be looking for a new release :cry:
Manjaro is good enough for me.