18.12 installation fail on Aspire 8735ZG


I am trying to install the 18.12 release but I’m not getting very far… I get to choose on the first screen the hostname en time(zone) and then I see a button under Local Time “> …t” whitch is “Next” I presume. On the left side of my screen I have 3 buttons System, Keyboard and Locale but the Keyboard button is greyed out and not accessible.
Clicking on Next I get in the Select Installation Location screen. But it stays blank. The only thing I can choose there is Single Disk/partition. The Boot Environment option is not selectable. In th Advanced Options tab I can give in a name for the ZFS Pool, but this is not a new install, it is an upgrade.
The Next button stays greyed out so I think I’m supposed to select or do something here, but what ?
Clicking the “Go to Terminal” button gives me a terminal but no way back to the installer.
My laptop is an (old, I know) Acer Aspire 8735ZG with an Nvidia Geforce G210M graphics card.
What am I to do on this Install Location tab ?
Thanks for any help.


correct, that is the “next” button.

page 2 is where you select your drive.

That is normal, unless you have *BSD & zfs installed already.

What version is on the drive now?


It is a standard 18.03 desktop version.


the new freebsd lua bootloader, has issues with the older freebsd forth bootloader

clean install is only way.

had to do the same on this laptop :frowning: