18.06 iso won't load the GUI


I have a HP Probook 640 G1. Loaded an iso of TrueOS 18.06.
GUI will not appear, it’s all 480x640 text.
When I select Live CD it prompts me for a UN/PW
When I said install it wiped out everything on the HD and won’t boot.

Coming from the windows world and I see why everyone hates linux/unix/whatever-nix.

No help in the manual, no help on the web, no help finding UN/PW. I have a laptop with no OS, what was there is gone.

Burned a 2nd iso, same results.

What a useless farce TrueOS is. Why do you have to be a rocket scientist to use a simple laptop.


I believe that is the server version. You need the older one, 18.03, until the switch over is done.


@devs: Why make false promises and frustrate newcomers?
@plp: You need to download ‘UNSTABLE’ = 18.03. It is as stable as STABLE, has for sure some issues, but overall it works and loads the GUI.
It’s worth to give it a try and will become even better when project-trident comes out - if ever.

“Sent from my TrueOS-Laptop” :wink:


Thanks Marti,
I just grabbed the newest which was stable. I’ll try 18.03 unstable.


Come here to troll?

No, you just need to have basic knowledge of how to read and type… and some patience. Apparently, you’re lacking all of it.

Ability to use command line is a rocket science now?

FreeBSD/TOS is about providing one with a minimum OOB, so one can install whatever is needed by themselves. GUI on server OS by default? No thanks.
On windows it’s the opposite, you’ll end up with bloatware which you’ll have to cut down.

BTW FreeBSD is a free OS supported by volunteers mostly at their free time. Nobody owes you anything.


Dear Vit,

You proved my point 100% - your hate comes through like a true Unix user.

Thanks for your help.


Hey Marti,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unstable 18.03 gave me a GUI and appears to have loaded.
It tried an “Intel Boot” and fails. I think it’s trying the wrong “loader” ? So I went back and reset the laptop’s BIOS to factory.

Here is what it actually says:
Boot device not found
Please install an OS on your hard drive
Hard Drive - (3F0)
F2 for System Diagnostics
For more info go to hp.com blah blah blah

I’m going to reinstall 18.03 and try it again and do some more digging. May take awhile but I’ll get it.

In any case thanks for your help. I’ll try to take down/remove/close my posting



Dear plp,

what was your point? instead of asking for help, you started your post with hate blaming everything/everyone and substituting everyone else’s opinion with your own.

If you had just asked for help, you wouldn’t get the same response from me as the above.

If you bothered to use search here, you’d find the information @martl gave you. Maybe including some of my posts. Even on server, desktop is just:

sudo pkg install trueos-desktop

You’re very welcome.