TrueOS Rules of Conduct

Additional Guidelines for using TrueOS Discourse
Failure to abide by these rules may result in moderation/deletion of your posts, and possible loss of posting privileges on a temporary/permanent basis.

  • Be respectful of all users and forum staff at all times. Please use etiquette and be polite!

  • Abuse, cursing, derogatory comments, insults, or personal attacks are not allowed. Disagreements happen, but keep in mind everyone has their own views. A disagreement should not be interpreted as a personal attack. This is a dynamic community serving many different people from all over the world, and we are all capable of polite participation. Forum moderators can and do edit or remove inappropriate comments. In extreme cases, posters will be warned or banned.

  • Advertising websites, services, or products by posters is not allowed. Pornography, drugs, warez, hacking, or links to websites with these materials is prohibited.

  • Do not post the same question or comment in more than one place. Moderators will delete duplicate posts.

  • Do not create threads for existing GitHub tickets. Linking a GitHub issue is fine, but do not create a thread in order to discuss a GitHub ticket; that’s already available on GitHub. Do not copy/paste an entire GitHub ticket in a Discourse thread when a link is acceptable.

  • Users cannot have more than one active account. Any user with multiple accounts can lose all Discourse access.

  • If there is a need to post images, please upload to an image pasting site like imgur and link them here.

  • If you need to post a log or shell output, there are two options:

  1. Upload it to a site like or
  2. Upload the log as an attachment. For shell output, pipe the ouput to a text file.


  • Please refrain from excessive linking in threads.
    Linking is often helpful, but can also be detrimental when overused.

  • If a post requires a user to read more than one or two links, the usefulness of the post is likely to fall.
    A user should be able to get 90% of the information they need by reading a post without having to read any additional material. If a post relies heavily on links for information or context, then that post fails on its own merits. Linking material is to be used to provide a post with more non-essential information or context. A link should not be the primary content of a post.

  • Off-site links are to be used for additional, nonessential information. If any post relies on offsite information to help a user, that post becomes pointless when the offsite information is removed. If you are linking offsite information, please consider adding the external page to The Internet Archive2. This ensures the link is always available.